The Jackets without Domi?


With the NHL’s imminent return, many questions remain about what kind of decisions managers will made. Decisions that will directly affect players.

One thinks among other things is the restructuration of divisions, miniseries between teams, in short several points that will change the dynamics of the league.

Vaccine or not

Recently, controversy has surfaced over the idea that the NHL would like to buy vaccines for their players. Many question the ethics behind this idea

If Gary Bettman and his counterparts were ever able to get their hands on vaccines, it would solve a number of problems at once. However, this idea remains uncertain, at least for now, therefore, players will have to be careful between now and next season.

The idea of a bubble

This summer, the NHL pulled off a good move by setting up two bubble cities in Edmonton and Toronto. As a result, the league was able to finish the season without any COVID cases being listed.

These bubbles, on the other hand, required a big sacrifice for the players while some had to be inside for more than two months. Although it was a success, the idea of bubble cities does not seem to be among the avenues envisaged due to prolonged confinement.

Absent players

With the risk of contracting COVID, NFL players have decided not to report to their teams. It is quite possible that NHL players will decide to do the same.

The first player to think of is certainly Max Domi, who has type 1 diabetes. The data show that people with diabetes are at higher risk.

It will be interesting to see if one or more players will decide not to play this season as a safety precaution.

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