Paul Byron on Waivers?


After signing several players during the off-season, Marc Bergevin will now have to turn his attention to the payroll.

With more than a million above the ceiling, he will have to part with a player. In a situation where teams will not be inclined to compromise, to place him on waivers seems to be the best option for the CH.

The acquisitions of Frolik and Perry become a kind of insurance policy. In addition to bringing more depth, both players receive $750,000, which does not cause a problem in terms of salary. However, a player like Paul Byron, who would probably have to play on a fourth line, takes a substantial percentage of the mass, with a salary of 3.4 million for another 3 seasons.

The solution?

Paul Byron is certainly a player who has demonstrated his versatility since his arrival in Montreal.With his unparalleled speed, he has always been in tune with the style of play recommended by the CH. His presence on shorthanded play and two 20-goal seasons bear witness to this.

On the other hand, his many injuries and the new depth of the team may play against him. In a league where the ceiling may stagnate for a few seasons, 3.4 million on a fourth line does not seem conceivable.

By opting for the waivers, his salary would be reduced from 3.4 million to 2.325 million, which would solve the problem of the salary cap.

It remains to be seen whether Bergevin still believes that Byron is an important part of the team. However, the GM will have to somehow sacrifice a player.

Translated by Michel-Alexandre Broekaert

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