NHL agreement: A detail that could be very interesting for the habs

Robert Skinner, archives LA PRESSE
Last night we heard the good news about the tentative agreement between the players and the owners of the NHL. The training camps would start on January 3 and the regular season on January 13.

Also, an important detail of this agreement was unveiled later in the evening.

Which means that the first in the Canadian division will be in the top 4 in the NHL during the playoffs.This team will technically be in the "conference final". As the Canadian has his chances of finishing the season at the top of this division, it could become very interesting for the supporters of the Sainte-Flanelle who hope soon to see his club parading on Ste-Catherine Street.

Finally, the top 4 teams from each division in the NHL will participate in the playoffs. The format was not disclosed. More details will follow regarding the 2020-2021 season calendar.

Are you ready for 2021 season?

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