CH Defensive Duo Dominates in Advanced Statistics


With the addition of Joel Edmunston and the debut of the young Romanov, the CH defence duos already seem to be set in stone. It seems obvious to many that the Chiarot-Weber duo will remain intact, which is totally legitimate given their performance last year.

As for the second duet, Bergevin reportedly told Joel Edmunston that his partner would be Jeff Petry. Already, we can see the complementarity of these two players, one more focused on the attack and the other solid defensively.

The third defensive unit will undoubtedly undergo several changes during the season. If Romanov lives up to expectations, it is obvious that he will play for a good part of the season. Then the last place at the blue line will be contested by the rest of the brigade.

An argument for Brett Kulak

What can be perceived on the ice does not always fully reflect a player’s work. Advanced statistics seem to be popular across NHL teams. These statistics are used, among other things, to evaluate aspects of the game that sometimes go unnoticed.

These statistics put the Petry-Kulak duo among the elite of the NHL. Note that ranked duets must have played a minimum of 400 minutes together in the 2019-2020 season.

Petry and Kulak ranked first in the NHL last season for Corsi, second in expected goals share, 29th in goals for/against percentage and 33rd in ice time together.

What will Claude Julien do?

Claude Julien is known as a rather conservative coach. In a training camp course, he will no doubt be inclined towards what he already knows. However, with newcomers and young players pushing, he will have to try new experiences.

It will be interesting to see how patient he will be. In a shortened season, there will be many changes, not to mention injuries. The depth of the CH at the blue line will be very helpful. The season will be condensed and players with less experience will likely have difficulty performing on a regular basis.

In short, Marc Bergevin has given the necessary tools to help Claude Julien and he will have no choice but to take his team to the playoffs.

translated by Michel-Alexandre Broekaert

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